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The story of Babioles

Babioles Bijoux Jewels is the story of Anne fascinated by rocks and pebbles, their shapes, colors and textures. At a very young age she would craft and create all sort of trinkets from rocks, shells and drift wood she gathered while on vacation at the sea side. 

After raising a family of 3 beautiful children and after working numerous years crunching Census numbers for Statistics Canada, she was eager to spend more time doing what she liked. So after spending many years being very busy, she then came back to her first passion and started creating jewels with gemstones.

At first for herself, but from the friend's reactions Anne soon got to ponder: what if I could share my jewels with others with an online store?

Why the name Babioles?

babioles means trinkets .....

Then came the name Babioles which means trinkets in French. The name is from my husband. Me and Bernard, m’y husband, we have been together since Anne was 18 of age.

They met when they both attended the same University in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Ever since they started a long journey of love and friendship, and a family.

So back to the name Babioles, well her husband would use that word while the crossing the border back to Canada to explain to the custom agent what he was bringing back a few trinkets from his trip. Since the word Babioles is very French and a bilingual (English/French) anglophone custom officer  may not be familiar with the word, thus it could bring some confusion. And it did, the reaction at the Canadian customs was very awkward and amusing because the officer taught he meant we were bringing back to Canada medication drugs.
We laughed so much after that event. We still do when we tell the story.

Ever since, he has not been allowed to drive while crossing the border ..... yes it’s still true, what else would he declare to custom we thought, we won't take that risk for sure.  It was a story we all shared and told and Babioles became something close to us.

That's how Anne decided to name the jewel store Babioles. 

Enjoy your visit as much as I enjoy making my jewels

Bye for Now Anne with an E 



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